The Wassabi Apartment Headquarters, also known as The Wassabi Headquarters or Roi and Alex's Haunted Apartment, is located in Los Angeles, California. It is featured on Wassabi Productions, Wassabi VLOGS, Roi's channel, and Alex Wassabi's channel on YouTube.


When Alex and Roi first moved to Los Angeles for benefits as YouTubers, they lived in this apartment together for one year. Some of their YouTube friends, such as YellowPaco, Marlin, and Kyle, also moved in and they became the Wassabi family. In June 1st, 2015, Roi began to vlog about the existence of ghosts in their apartment. According to him, he had been hearing sounds and seeing ghostly figures. In September 2015, Roi and Alex decided to live in separate homes, so they moved out.

Apartment Tour

Roi and Alex filmed a tour of their apartment when they first moved there and posted the video, called The Wassabi Headquarters, on the Wassabi VLOGS channel. However, they deleted that video.

Main Entrance: Door & Stairs

Wassabi Apartment Headquarters Entrance

Dining and Vlog Area

Wassabi Apartment Headquarters Dining Area


Wassabi Apartment Headquarters Kitchen

Living Room

Wassabi Apartment Headquarters Living Room

Roi's Room

Roi's Washroom

Alex's Room